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- ‘Paul & Liz Davenport’

Welcome to the Hallamshire Traditions website.

We are a ‘not-for-profit’ organisation involved in traditional music and song.

If you explore this site you will get some idea of what we are all about but briefly;

We provide support for performers of traditional music.

We carry out research and publish resources for musicians and dancers.

We promote traditional music and dance through our own performances.

We carry out design and development work for other performers/organisations.

We act as a consultancy and are involved in artist development.

Paul’s own songs skillfully blend the old styles with modern concerns and I defy you to listen to ‘The Price of Cod’ and instantly say whether it is old or new.

Dai Jeffries – ‘Rock ‘n’ Reel’ Vol. 2, No. 45

I enjoyed this immensely, and if you enjoy good songs well sung, you will too.

Baz Parkes ‘ED&S’ – Spring 2014

There are a lot of good songs on this CD and they deserve to be more widely sung. In fact, after listening to them a couple of times, you’ll be joining in.

John Waltham ‘Living Tradition‘   Spring 2014

Last Update – 22 / 12 / 2018


The secret story of Yorkshire’s unique Seasonal Dance Tradition

‘Under the Rose’

Still available and at reduced price of only £10.00

'Down Yorkshire Lanes'

the folksong collection of R.A. Gatty 1907

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New for 2018!

Our fifth album, 'Shadows in the Mist' is now available from the website and from ourselves at concerts, festivals etc.  The CD features four new songs by Paul and some very rare traditional material.


Now available for download

‘The Generations Tunebook’

Band arrangements of traditional dance tunes as used in the Generations Project 2002 to 2009

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