These are the artists who record and/or work with us. They have their own webpages or contact sites but we flag them up here so that you can see who they are, what they do  and how to contact them - sometimes we can even do you a great deal with a block booking.  

Paul & Liz Davenport - specialise in traditional and songs in the traditional style. They sing  accompanied by a duet concertina or unaccompanied in the style characteristic of their East Coast origins.  

You can see details about them here - paul & liz

John Bowden & Vic Shepherd -  Are performers of traditional song with a strong North American bias. John's Liverpool origins are reflected in their repertoire and they perform both accompanied on John's concertina and Vic's 'jew's harp' as well as in unaccompanied harmony.

Jess& Richard Arrowsmith - sing traditional songs and play tunes from around the British Isles. Accompanied by Jess' fiddle and Richard's melodeon, they are based in Sheffield and as well as performing as a duo, can be heard together with Nancy Kerr and James Fagan as 'Melrose Quartet'.

Maltby Sword Dancers - Our traditional dance team who have won awards for sword dancing in both the Yorkshire and the North-East styles. The team have appeared at folk festivals and dance days around the UK.

Gavin Davenport - specialises, like his Mum and Dad (above) in traditional and songs in the traditional style. Gavin sings  accompanied by guitar in his own, often imitated, style and tuning. He has worked for the EFDSS as an education officer on the Full English project, and now works at Halsway Manor in Somerset, the UK's only residential folk centre. Gavin also works with virtuoso fiddler, Tom Kitching, an act of singular excellence.

Contact Gavin via -

Ciáran Boyle -  A singer with strong Irish roots … Ciáran sings songs learned from his family both unaccompanied or augmented by his virtuosic bodhrán playing. He is a solo artist but often appears as a duo with Rotherham's singer-songwriter, Ray Hearne.