Other useful Links


Gavin’s website where you can find out what he’s up to and where he’s to be found.


Richard & Jess’ new website where you can find out about their duo, Crucible Trio and The Melrose Quartet


The new website for Sheffield’s unique Folk Festival. Wall to wall sessions and songs not to be missed. A dream for those whose folk music is taken personally.


Traditional sword dance team from North Yorkshire


Maltby Phoenix Sword Dancers have their own site. Pay them a visit and learn about this unusual team of traditional dancers, their history and where you can get to see them.


Fay and Jon’s monthly folk club at this iconic singing pub – The Royal, Dungworth


The website of the Sword Dance Union - information on both style of English Sword Dancing.


Our local national promoters of music and song. Run by the excellent Fay Hield and Jon Boden with support from Sam Sweeney, Nancy Kerr , Andy Bell, Kate Thompson and Nicola Beazley.


The English Folk Dance and Song Society – check out their excellent ‘Full English’ project here.

Somebody once told me that the current folk scene is pretty much a village of around 4,000 inhabitants who move around the country during the summer months.

Heres where some of them hang out at other times.

Let us know if you think we should add someone!

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