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Traditional songs and new songs in traditional style.


In July 2020 we discovered that the English Folk Dance and Song Society had awarded us their prestigious Gold Badge for services to English Folk Traditions. We were amazed and delighted and would like to extend our thanks to both the Society and to the people who nominated us for this honour. Watch this space.

Our latest albums, what they think –


Safe hands! This is the fifth album by Paul and Liz Davenport and what a traditional delight it is too! The production of the CD is simplicity itself, with most of the material being sung solo or in unison. Helping to create a pleasing balance to the whole, never intrusive and always an embellishment, there is an occasional concertina accompaniment. It could be argued that there are better 'gun-slingers' out there, who deliver near perfect vocals, instrumentalisation and production values, but in the process a sanitisation of the material can often occur. Not so here, Shadows In The Mist delivers an honest, heartfelt performance throughout, which is a refreshing, back to the roots attitude which many could learn from.

In terms of the material there are some real gems on this CD, approximately a quarter of which have been written with great skill, feeling and compassion by Paul himself. Molly Mainprize is a reworking of a factual event that happened in the 19th century when, for several years, great quantities of fish suddenly appeared and just as suddenly disappeared. In great traditional style, Paul has added a vaguely ethereal character called Molly, which certainly fits into the long tradition of songs concerning the 'faerie world'.  The CD takes its name from the last song on the album, which, whilst perhaps of local interest, is a fine evocative song concerning Saddleworth Moor. However, my favourite composition by Paul is the powerful This Is The Price. Essentially concerned with the Miners Strike of 1984-85, it is so much more than the cataclysmic event that rocked the mining community to the very core. A superb piece of work that deserves much wider exposure.

This CD is an exemplar of traditional and modern where the seam is rich, but never discernible between the new and the old, a fine accolade indeed!

John Oke Bartlett     ‘Living Tradition‘   Autumn 2018

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Gainsborough Folk Club, Gainsbro' - Lincs.

31st Jan 2020

The Polka Hop, George St, Wakefield. WF1 1DL

2nd Feb 2020

Hull Minster, Hull - Afternoon concert

7th March 2020

Yorks St. John's Uni - Seminar - 'Yorkshire's Musical Traditions'


23rd March 2020

Great North Folk Festival, Botton Village, Danby N.Yorks



22nd to 24th  May 2020

Hull Maritime Folk Festival


26th to 28th June 2020

Newark Traditions Festival


17th to 19th July 2020

Whitby Folk Week, Whitby N. Yorks (Davenports)


22nd to 28th Aug 2020


Under the Leaves                    [2006]      HATRCD01

Songbooks                               [2008]      HATRCD02

Spring Tide Rising                   [2011]      HATRCD04

Wait for No Man                       [2014]      HATRCD09

Shadows in the Mist                [2018]      HATRCD12

Blue Bell Folk –

Folk Union One 1969               [2014]      HATRCD10


Kelham Island Voices              [2014]      Savile House

And the Ladies Go Dancing    [2015]      TECD 3015

A Place to Dwell                        [2018]      Southend YMCA



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