Our recent Projects

What we did…

Over the last few years we have initiated and driven a number of projects in the folk arts which might be of interest to the visitor to this site. What we do is get things to happen, sometimes we fund the project and sometimes we don’t. But…things get done!

So here’s short list of some of the things we’ve managed to get done in the past few years:

The Generations Project

This began in 2002 and is our longest running ongoing project. It continues in the form of our resident Sword dance team,

Maltby Sword Dancers

They specialise in English traditional sword dances and are the proud winners of a number of prestigious trophies for this activity.

They have members from 6 to over 60 with a wide range of dances including longsword, rapper and plough stots dances.

CD Production

We have produced a number of critically acclaimed CDs as part of our artist development work. Amongst our recent output we produced the artwork and photography for Ciarán Boyle’s album, ‘Bright Flame’. We set up and produced the re-release of John Bowden and Vic Shepherd’s iconic LP ‘A Motty Down’ ; in addition to which we have also produced Paul & Liz’s own latest CD, ‘Wait for No Man’.

All of our artists can be booked through the contacts below.

Event Support

Hallamshire Traditions are proud to support Sheffield Sessions Festival again in 2019.

We now take an active part in the planning and running of this event.

Once again we provided the coordination for Doncaster Folk Festival’s Day of Dance.

Local Heritage Initiatives  

(see also; http://www.yorkstrads.co.uk )

In 2013/14 we worked with Town Fields Primary in Doncaster on a uniquely shaped dance project.  In 2014 we also worked with Tickhill St. Mary’s Primary on a revival of the village Plough Bullocks custom. We were also honoured to be invited to take part in the Dodworth Miners Memorial dedication in 2013. In 2015 we also helped with the dedication ceremony for Maltby's lost miners.

Blind Musicians of Sheffield

Commemorative Plaque

In 2010 we created the initiative to have the ‘famous’ blind fiddlers of Sheffield commemorated by the placing of a bronze plaque on the wall of the buiding that was once their favourite pub and with which they are associated. The plaque is to the memory of Samuel Goodlad, the publican and violinist who taught and organised these extraordinary musicians. The plaque was installed on 8th November 2014

The Reginald Gatty Folk Song Collection

We have now printed this collection and, after nearly ten years work it is available in the form of the book, ‘Down Yorkshire Lanes’.

See our ‘Sales’ page for details.  

‘Under the Rose’ - Yorkshire’s Dance traditions

Over 40 years of research both academic and in the field, have resulted in our unique study of Yorkshire’s traditional dances. Embracing a strange diversity and considerably more than ‘just longsword’ the dance culture of England’s largest county is a source of some amazing revelations. A publication is under way and we are happy to come and talk about this wonderful choreographic legacy.