Project Development & Consultancy

CD Production

We have produced a number of critically acclaimed CD albums as part of our artist development work.

We can offer a complete CD production service based in South Yorkshire including artwork and package design.

Print Production

We have been suppliers of design and layout to several major festivals for over a decade. Our design work is in demand for banners, fliers, posters and programme production.

In addition we can offer advice and services in book production and printing including binding styles and advice on enhancing the functionality of printed materials.

Live Performances & Workshops

We are available for live performances as; Paul & Liz Davenport; Amy & Gavin Davenport or collectively as The Davenport Family.

In addition we can supply special interest talks and workshops on cultural heritage subjects and activities.


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Currently available publications include:-

The Reginald Gatty Folk Song Collection

We have now published and printed this collection which is exclusively available in the form of the book, ‘Down Yorkshire Lanes’.

See our ‘Sales’ page for details.  

‘Under the Rose’ - Yorkshire’s Dance traditions

Over 40 years of research both academic and in the field, have resulted in our unique study of Yorkshire’s traditional dances.

The Generations Project –

This began in 2002 and is our longest running ongoing project. It continues in the form of our resident Sword dance team,

Maltby Sword Dancers

Event Support –

Hallamshire Traditions are proud of our record in events support and management providing dance coordination for Doncaster's Folk Festival for several years and as a driving force behind the hugely successful 'Sheffield Folk Sessions Festival' over a period of 9 years.